Hi, I’m Awkward

I must be the awkwardest person on the planet.

Let me share a story from my train ride yesterday. But before I start, I will preface that I AM NOT RACIST, I SWEAR!

ok so now I’ll start. So this black kid comes up to me mumbling in a low voice by the train station, and all I heard was blahblahblah spr $%something blahblahblah…..so I was like what? sp- ….spare? Could I spare some change?

BUT OF COURSE THAT’S NOT WHAT HE ASKED. he was trying to ask me if I knew how to get to Springvale station.


And, to top it all off, I was even MORE fucking awkward today at dinner with my BF’s parents.

I have no idea where the distinction between being polite vs. being a phony disingenuous fake is. If you know the answer, please do share. So yea, I was trying to be nice and win his parents’ liking, but failed miserably and just came off as a timid, not forthcoming, awkward phony :(. Especially since his folks are from China and speak mandarin with a different accent than I’m used to since my folks are from Taiwan, so I couldn’t understand what they said about 90% of the time so mostly just nodded and smiled.

Yup, I told you I was awkward.


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