Body Image Struggles

Body image issues are louder in my head than ever as I continue to stress binge and balloon up. The only attire I feel comfortable wearing nowadays are oversized t-shirt + running shorts pulled up over my navel to disguise my gigantic midriff.

Though I keep telling myself that I can just concentrate on not binge eating and the weight loss will follow and that there is absolutely no rush to shed the pounds, I cannot help but dread my 25th birthday coming up Thursday. The horror of having to dress myself in clothes other than baggie shirts…

These negative emotions derived from the weight gain have been CONSUMING MY MIND. MORE THAN EVER. AND I HATE IT.

I just keep thinking about how I just want to incline walk a lot and eat very little, quickly shed the pounds, and finally be able to STOP WORRYING ABOUT THIS.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that being skinny does not equate to happiness. However, the 10 lbs I’ve gained is adding an unnecessary amount of stress on me! And I need to find a way to stop the worrying.

The most ideal way in my mind, is just losing the lbs slow and steadily and shutting the food obsessive thoughts out of my brain. I want to start worrying more about the US medical licensing exam and less about my weight.


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