What to Say When A Friend Loses A Loved One

Thankfully today, I am in a better mood and feel better about my body than yesterday. I didn’t realize that my extremely protruding abdomen that can be likened to a 30-week-pregnant-belly, was due to bloating and NOT all via weight gain. Though poor body image was not the only reason why I was especially upset, it definitely contributed to it. So today, I have a little bit of the stress/depressed mood lifted.

Keeping myself busy today by baking for a dear friend who lost his mother not too long ago has also helped distract me from my depressed mood. I scoured the interwebs for “sympathy cards” idea.

Here are some of my favorite lines that I think would be appropriate for when a friend loses someone they love:

“May time bring peace, grace bring healing, and love bring comfort.”

“Whom we once deeply loved, we can never lose. They belong to a part of us forever within our hearts and memories.”

“Love is a bond that knows no boundaries, marks no time, and has no limits. It lives in our hearts and goes on forever.”

“May your heart be quiet, may peace run deep, and may your memories reflect all the love you have known.”


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