The “Fast Metabolism” Claim is BS.

I get SO INFURIATED when girls say, “I just have a fast metabolism so I’m stick thin, I’ve tried to gain weight but I just can’t!”

I call complete BS.

If you asked any skinny person if they’d rather be skinny or fat, I’m pretty sure they’d all choose skinny. I’m certain they ENJOY being thin on some levels (this aspect pertains mostly to girls I think, not necessarily guys).


ESPECIALLY the healthy living bloggers and celebrities who claim that, YET WE’VE SEEN pictures of them being previously skinny (i.e. Nicole Richie). If you really had the “fast metabolism” and “inability to gain weight” you say, why were you fat just a few years ago?

There’s NO WAY you won’t put on weight if you actually ingested large quantities of calorically dense food- unless you have some intestinal problems (be it absorption or deficient enzymes), food allergies, or some other form of illness (cancer, parasites, etc.) that is. Or if you burned 2103982093 calories/day like Michael Phelps.

We’ve all seen thin people eat burgers and milk shakes seemingly frequently yet never seem to gain weight. Key word is seemingly. I’ll bet my money that they are balancing their calories somehow, like intentionally or unintentionally going on a caloric deficit to compensate.  In other words, they’re probably eating next to nothing for their other meals so even if they ate a burger, their overall calorie consumption for the day is still low. THAT IS WHY they’re thin.

So, next time when you get frustrated and think, “why do they get to eat SO MUCH junk food yet stay incredibly thin?” Remember that calories in = calories out.


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