Serenaded on My Birthday & Old Granny Hobbies

My 25th bday was a low key but delightful one. It involved delicious pizza and beers, my favorite frangipani fruit tart (along with animal candles of course lol), and an entertaining night out at a dualing piano bar.
The two pianists were quite comical. They got me on stage to sit atop the piano while they played and sang “lets get drunk and screw.” The pianists also took turns shouting out things they could offer me in attempt to win my favor. Offerings included nipple pinchers, two headed dildos, slip and slides, and hand cuffs. Of course the nipple pinchers sealed the deal 😉

On the thurs night, the bar wasn’t exactly jam packed, but I preferred the intimate feeling of a smaller crowd anyways. We sang along to good old country classics like George strait, jimmy buffet, Garth brooks, etc., some Sinatra, and 80s hits. I thoroughly enjoyed it because old school country and golden oldies are my fav! and the only genres of music that I listen to lol.

All in all, it was a great day:)

Now I’m off to JoAnne’s to get some embroidery stuff. I’m hoping to pick it up as a new hobby!
Lucky for me, embroidery DIY tutorials are more popular than ever on Pinterest and YouTube. Hopefully they will suffice for a sewing dummy such as myself.

Since im pretty much at a granny age now, its time for me to finally learn how to sew. Hopefully some will be worthy of hanging up as wall decor! i love the trend of hanging up cute embroidery hoops with sewn on patterns:)

What are your favorite genres of music?
Do you have any old lady hobbies?


2 thoughts on “Serenaded on My Birthday & Old Granny Hobbies

  1. I knit, and I got a sewing machine for my birthday also in the hopes of learning to sew. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the right time or space to open it up and experiment.

    I hope embroidery is fun and mostly not frustrating because that’s how all hobbies should be.

    • That’s awesome that you knit! I WOULD love to learn how, but that seems like too big of a monstrosity to tackle right now :-p
      what kind of sewing machine do you have? how do you like it? I was contemplating about getting one for the longest time. Being the midget that I am, getting every article of clothing altered is just too damn pricey!

      *Theoretically*, embroidering words should be a-okay, just got to follow the pattern! but of course, things are never as easier as they appear.

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