Why Readers Accuse Bloggers of Over exercising/Under eating

One thing I’ve noticed from myself and reading healthy living blogs, is that those with eating disorder backgrounds LOVE TO JUDGE others’ eating and exercise habits. When a blogger posts her workouts and daily eats, readers are SO sensitive about that topic and will immediately jump on the blogger and accuse her for over-exercising and/or under-eating.

I also notice that those with anorexic tendencies LOVE to INTENTLY OBSERVE what other skinny people are eating or how hard they’re working out at the gym.

Admittedly, having occasional disordered body image thoughts, I am guilty of this myself. My explanation for this behavior is as following:
We KNOW that under-eating and over-exercising are unhealthy behaviors that we should not be doing. Despite this knowledge, we are RELUCTANT to stop these disordered thoughts, because deep down, WE WOULD STILL rather be skinny. So there’s this tension. What we know we SHOULD do (being healthy) conflicts with what we WANT to do (under eating and over-exercising). We feel as if others are FORCING us to be healthy AGAINST are will and we don’t like it…

Thus, when we see others over-exercising and under-eating? Not only can we smell it from 1000 miles away, WE NEED TO POLICE THEM. Because, “if I’m being forced to NOT under-eat and over-exercise, YOU CAN’T do it either! I prefer to be skinnier, but people are stopping me, so YOU CAN’T be skinny either!
And heaven forbid others from being skinnier than me.

I do think that when a blogger is called out by readers for being disordered, more often than not, it’s true. Because the readers themselves often come from ED backgrounds and are extremely familiar with ED thoughts and behaviors.

This behavior of constantly judging other skinny people, is something that I now recognize, AND WOULD LIKE to stop doing.

WHAT DOES IT MATTER how much somebody else weighs?
Just because somebody is skinny, that doesn’t really make me any fatter- so why do I feel the need to tell them to stop under-eating and over-exercising?
I know deep down, my irritation with other people’s ED behavior mostly stems from JEALOUSY, NOT concern for their health. (Sorry that sounds bitchy but I have to be honest with myself.)

what I need to do, is JUST WORRY ABOUT MYSELF.

I really need to work on my body image and relationship with food. I am at a place where I am not very grounded in these areas, so my threshold for what things trigger my ED behavior is very low. If I am well-grounded, theoretically, I shouldn’t be shaken by anybody else’s ED behavior.

Have you noticed the trend of readers quickly judging bloggers on their exercise routine/food intake? What are your thoughts on the topic?

Please feel free to disagree, I’d love to hear your views!


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