One Of Those Days

With my depression, there are just a couple of days of the week where I feel like crying for no particular reason.

Today was one of them.

I have been trying REALLY REALLY hard to study in spite of my negative emotions because, well, I will never get through all of this material otherwise.

I’ve powered through some respiratory system problem sets with the help of an energy drink+ 2 cups of coffee. But being in a bad mood already, it doesn’t help that I’m getting a bazillion questions incorrect because I haven’t memorized all the god damn antibiotics and couldn’t remember what disease caused anaphylactic response to blood transfusions (selective IgA deficiency if you were wondering).

But got to do it.

When people spoke about how difficult med school was and how it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal when you’re studying for 80% of the day, I didn’t think I would be one of those people who would lose motivation. Well, here I am.

For the patients. You need to study hard so you can be a good doctor. For. The. Patients.

Would you like some cheese with this whine? harhar.


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