Work In Progress

People say that curvier = womanly, but I am struggling with the curves I see in the mirror now. Having gained 10 lbs, the curves I see just get equated to FAT in my mind.

I just feel like I look so STRANGE with curves as a short women (5”2), and I feel like I look really short and stubby or something….

But, I am trying to tell myself that IT’S NORMAL to look like this and curves do NOT mean fat per se.

In the mean time, I have also been working on resisting temptation to compare. I have the tendency to stare at skinny people like a creep and compare my arm/waist/leg size and get upset over why I am not as thin. I catch myself staring quite frequently, but I have been trying hard to stop myself :-/. It’s still a work in progress, but everyone has to start somewhere right?


3 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. I compare myself all the time to other people, but I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and where does that get me? I don’t get any skinner, I just get more depressed, and that leads to bad things. I need to be more positive because thoughts run our lives. If we change negative thoughts to positive thoughts than our life will be filled with positive thoughts, so we have no choice to be happy! When I find myself comparing myself to other people I stop and tell myself something positive that I like about myself or do something I like. Its not easy because I don’t believe it at first all the way, but I know that with time I will!!! I want to love myself because I deserve it. Also comparing ourselves to other people only makes us more upset with our own image, we need to love ourself because we are all so unique and special, and I think we all forget that when we focus on the things we don’t love, but we have the ability to change that so that we love everything about our body and self.

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