Should’ve Been a House Wife Instead

So I took up embroidering as a hobby this week! I’ve been winging it instead of going by tutorials because I was feeling adventurous (ok fine mostly lazy).

Here are my first two embroidery pieces ever!



The Tigger is for a friend’s son named Kai!

Ironic that I have a newfound love for domestic things as soon as I get into med school. Maybe I should’ve gotten an MRS degree instead…not really….

I feel surprisingly comfortable embroidering letters so far, but I’d like to learn how to embroider fancy floral/paisley patterns, etc. at some point!

If anyone is interested in any customized embroidery hoop decor, I’d love to work with you:) As a cash strapped med student with a bazillion dollars of loans, I can definitely use some monies :-p Bare in mind that those are my first 2 tries at embroidery ever, so my skills should improve with practice!


2 thoughts on “Should’ve Been a House Wife Instead

  1. Super cute! Those look really great. I’m impressed how quickly you picked it up. It must mean you have steady hands and will be a great doctor (surgeon?).

    • Thank you:)
      I love to do things with my hand (that’s what she said), but the lifestyle of a surgeon is terrible and not conducive to having a family. Though I think I’d really enjoy doing surgeries, having my own family is a non compromisable thing so I think surgery as a specialty is out of consideration :-/

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