10 Habits I’ve Developed Since Med School

I wanted to share the things I started doing since gaining 2 years of med school knowledge!

Remember that I am still a measly med student, so take it with a grain of salt.


1. I now put on sunscreen religiously. Want to keep skin cancer and wrinkles at bay.

2. I finally got my HPV vaccine. Sorry too lazy to find the statistics, but the vaccine *DRASTICALLY* reduces cervical cancer risk.

3. I always pee after sexual intercourse. Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

4. I drink a lot of water. Since my intake of caffeine has skyrocketed, I was getting dehydration headaches all the time since caffeine is a diuretic. I didn’t think it would actually make that big of a difference, but at least for me, it has. I aim for 1L/day.

5. I will never smoke. Ever. Not that I ever did or had the intention to, but having learned how TERRIBLE it is, I definitely stay far away from it. It’s pretty much the worse thing you can do to your body.

7. I will never do cocaine. Never have/never will because It can cause heart attack. The mechanism is NOT related to dose consumed, so even a little bit might do it.

8. I learned to NOT assume the relationship between people. I used to ask “is this your mom?” etc. but learned the hard way that assumptions often lead to undesirable awkwardness.

9. I will NOT share drinks with people I don’t know anymore. Never know what other people have.

10. I don’t drink alcohol before bed as it’s considered bad “sleep hygiene” and will decrease sleep quality.


What are some habits you’ve changed after learning its effect on the human body?


2 thoughts on “10 Habits I’ve Developed Since Med School

  1. haha i always drink my alcohol before bed (i eat dinner late) but i’ve never noticed it affect my sleep unless i am going above a couple glasses of wine! that must be my “happy medium”.
    though i haven’t gone to med school i know i will never smoke or do cocaine! i’m proud to say i’ve never tried more than one puff of one cigarette ever. i always pee after sex (when i’m having sex which isn’t in what seems like eons, tmi?) because once i didn’t and…ouch!

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