Coffee Date: Unspoken Rules

Let’s have coffee and chat about light hearted things! Like unspoken rules.

BF and I went bowling the other day and I told him about the unspoken rule of bowling: you don’t bowl at the same time as the person in the lane directly adjacent to you

So that got me thinking about other unspoken rules! Here’s a list that I could think of off the top of my head:

– If someone in the bathroom is taking a long time (aka trying to poop), you don’t linger in the bathroom! Wash your hands quickly and get the fuck out of their so said person can do their business.

-Don’t walk behind someone at THE EXACT SAME PACE, especially if there’s only you two around. Slow down or speed up.

– Don’t talk about exes on first dates, please and thank you

– NEVER make any jokes about a girl being fat. As a matter of fact, one should never comment on a girl’s weight. Also, never ask a girl if she’s pregnant

-Please don’t ever make comments about my parents having sex….

-If you’re in a class lecture and nobody else has questions, save your fucking questions until after class. Everyone else just wants to get the f out. Thank you.

– Don’t go through someone else’s phone pictures or internet history! If someone shows you a picture, just look at the damn picture please, don’t swipe left/right.

Let people exiting out first before entering (i.e. buses, doors, etc.)

– If you’re going to open a bag of chips or a can of coke, it’s going to make noise anyways so just open it quickly

What are some other unspoken rules?


One thought on “Coffee Date: Unspoken Rules

  1. i had a convo once over din w/some friends about red flags and a huge red flag that we all agreed on was talking about an ex in the first date. if he or she is already coming up that’s a bad sign!
    i always feel extra nice whenever i exit a bathroom quickly when i sense that someone is in there waiting for me to leave so they can poop, hahaha. i pride myself on realizing that social cue!

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