Thoughts On My New Eating Habits

Though its only been about a week that I’ve decided to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet, I am so excited about the benefits so I had to share!

I now eat based on food groups. Instead of constructing a unified meal, I just make sure i have a vegetable, a protein, and a carb.
In other words, I don’t really care if BBQ brisket doesn’t go well with cherry tomatoes. As long as I’m getting the macronutrients I need I’m okay with it!

The benefits:
1. SO much time saved! throwing together a meal on the go requires much less effort when you don’t care about what you eat.

2. This a first step to viewing food as fuel.

3. I need to put in quite a bit of effort to NOT binge eat. Every single day. However, this new eating approach is much more conducive to eating based on hunger cues. Because, if I had zero desire to eat cucumbers in the first place and I’m eating it purely for the nutrients and not for taste, I’m much less likely to eat a bunch of it lol.

The only con: I’m not eating cookies and Soft serve every meal.

the pro (1 of many): I’m not eating cookies and soft serve every meal.


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