Tired As A Dog

Since I am actually clinically depressed, my sleep pattern is of your textbook example of depressed patients: decreased slow wave sleep (aka deepest sleep), inability to stay asleep, and decreased quality of sleep

I have been taking mirtazapine to help with sleep as it causes drowsiness. When I don’t take it, I will wake up from sleep after 2-4 hours of sleep despite being dead tired.

But even though I’m able to stay asleep with the help of medication, it seems that no matter how many hours I sleep, I. AM. SO. TIRED! ALL THE TIME.

My everyday schedule looks roughly like so:

930-10am wake up

10-3 pm study

3-7pm blog, play, bake, whatever

7-830pm nap

830-11pm study

11-12am watch tv, shower, etc.

Granted that my study efficiency is not the best, partially because I am so tiredddddd even with 10 hours of sleep AND monster….

But, this week for my US medical licensing exam, I have been using doctors in training videos as a study aid. It provides structure and helps me get through the material more efficiently when it feels like a drag. I’d highly recommend it for others studying for USMLE step 1!

Slowly but surely getting through the material….

Since my life is so boring, please tell me some exciting parts of your day since mine is very lackluster!


2 thoughts on “Tired As A Dog

  1. eek! so sorry you are having such a hard time getting enough sleep. i’m thankful that throughout my ED battle i have not entered a depression (aside from some particularly dark weeks but i have come out of them) and my sleep has always been pretty ok. yes some insomnia here and there but for the most part i sleep well and deeply. i’m glad you’ve found the training videos as a tool that work for you. best of luck in getting that sleep back on track!

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