Why Young People Are Dissatisfied with Their Lives

This article talks about why young people are so unhappy. It’s quite long but worth the read in my opinion.

If you read it, what are your thoughts on said topic?


5 thoughts on “Why Young People Are Dissatisfied with Their Lives

  1. Hey girl, just found your blog through Melissa’s (TryingtoHeal). 🙂 My friend linked me to this article the other day too. It’s strange how things have changed over the years btwn us and our parents.

  2. I read that article a few days ago, and I think it’s GENERALLY a good summation of many people’s situations. Plus, I liked it a lot more than a lot of articles that are just like “This generation sucks. They’re all lazy and have too-high expectations.” I thought it was a good explanation of why we may feel this way, rather than just saying that we are unhappy. (The Facebook-mediated self part seemed a little reductionist though….)

    A friend of mine actually wrote a more upbeat response to it, which I also enjoyed: http://lifeinafreemarket.tumblr.com/post/61483221865/gen-y-is-the-best-generation-like-ever

    • Thanks for providing the read! I do agree that most young people think they’re special snowflakes and want to accomplish some perhaps unrealistic goals, but I don’t think ambition is necessarily a bad thing! I would say most people in med school are OVERLY naive and optimistic- including myself. We think we want to make a difference, change the world, and help people. But I am starting to realize that there’s far more that I CAN’T do than can do to help people….

      I think ambition is only problematic when:
      1 you get too caught up in climbing the career ladder and prioritize the wrong things. Of course, if one chooses to put work as their foremost priority, more power to them, but I think many people are unhappy because they climb the career ladder based on societal standards of what success is as opposed to pursuing something that ACTUALLY makes them happy.
      and 2, you let the disappointment ruin your life and fail to fulfill your basic responsibilities because of it.

      But, of course it’s not easy to balance “yearning for life and having ambition” vs. being content with what you have. Those are contradicting in themselves.

      The sense of entitlement they mentioned in the article I thought was also very true. I’ll be the first to admit that I was upset that I didn’t get into an Ivy League med school because I thought I worked so hard and “deserved” it, but who the fuck do I think I am anyway?! And I know that I see this attitude of entitlement in MANY MANY of my colleagues.

      My boyfriend made a point that I thought was very wise (even though it sounds very trivial): you get what you get. You don’t DESERVE this and that, what you get IS what you deserve.

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