5 Things I Quit for My Mental Health

1. I unsubscribed to certain instagram users that CONSTANTLY post ab pix. Not only is it annoyingly narcissistic, but makes me feel bad about how I don’t have a OMG6PACK. Why seek out unhappiness?

2. I stopped staring at skinny people and comparing my arm/thigh size to them.

3. I unsubscribed from bloggers with similar body types as me.

I am also petite and Asian, so while I enjoy beauty/fashion blogs such as frmheadtotoe.com and extrapetite.com, I feel absolutely terrible when I see their super skinny full body picture posts since I am also short+Asian. Note that they do NOT do anything that’s disordered or triggering, but it’s MY OWN EATING DISORDER that makes it difficult to read their blogs or stalk their instagram accounts.

4. I TRY to avoid scrutinizing my body in the mirror.

5. I quit checking nutritional labels or restaurant websites for calorie information.

What are some things you do to help boost your body image?


3 thoughts on “5 Things I Quit for My Mental Health

  1. Wow, those are all things I do that I should stop doing immediately! I have noticed that I tend to be more interested in following similar bloggers, especially Asian ones, and I think it definitely stems from my need to compare myself. And yeah, that seems like a way to get to a bad headspace pretty quickly. Thanks for the wake-up!

  2. Good job. #5 is a habit that I just had to develop over time. I used to do it allll the time but eventually other things happened in life that started to deter my attention away from that, thank goodness. Those labels are 50/50 — can help and hurt.

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