We learn about some crazzzzzyyyyyyyy stuff in med school. There’s pretty much an actual disease for everything bizarre you’ve seen in fiction/cartoon.

Here are some examples of REAL diseases. I will spare y’all pictures because they’re really disturbing and SAD. Google image the following at your own risk.

-Cyclops. Occurs in holoprosencephaly, aka neural tube fails to close.

-TEETH AND HAIR growth in vaginas aka teratoma. When you cut out the ball of tumor, there can literally be a tooth and some hairs in it! THAT’S exactly what they look like, too.

-Mac Photobooth Heads. You know the funky feature on Mac Photobooth that makes your eyes super small/big, turns your head into some weird shape, etc.? There’s a disease for every single one of those. It’s really really sad 😦 If interested, try googling microcephaly, micrognathia, micropthalmia. Those are just a few….

Cry of the Cat. There’s a genetic disease called cri-du-chat syndrome, which literally means cry of the cat because patients make high pitched mewing sounds.

-Maple Syrup Pee aka maple syrup urine disease. Their urine supposedly smells like maple syrup.

That’s a few that I can think of off the top of my head….


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