Yikes. There are 150+ doctors in training videos, each being roughly 1hr. Gahhh i’m never going to get through all this US medical licensing exam step 1 if I don’t increase my daily study time! 6 hours everyday isn’t going to cut it =___=

So, I am going to aim for AT LEAST 5 videos per day- which means I’ll hopefully finish the videos in ~4 wks. But on top of that, I still need to set aside LOTS of time for doing questions, full 8 hour practice exams, going through the official study guide for step 1 (aka first aid), memorizing drugs, etc. etc….

DEAR LORD please let me be ready to take the exam in 7-10 wks!

I really don’t know how most other people cram for this test in 5 weeks!!!?!! WTFFFFFFFF

Can someone please tell me where everyone else gets their intense study stamina from??????? My current 6 hours of studying per day is child’s play in comparison to  13+ hours of daily NON-STOP studying of pretty much most other med students..…..

Time to turn it up. Like 20 notches….


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