I Believe….

That girls should not be allowed to weigh themselves when it’s that time of the month.

That every girl needs a pair of red stilettos.

That puppies can put ANYONE in a better mood.

That the more you smile, the better mood you’ll be in.

In daily doses of joshing and humor.

That you should always be nice to everyone. NOBODY has the right to think they’re better than the janitor or food server.

That talking shit about others only reflects poorly on the shit-talker.

That there is nothing sexier than a pair of bright red lips.

That TED talks never fail to inspire.

That nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Just because you didn’t learn it in school doesn’t mean it’s not true. Even in med school, I feel like we’re barely skimming the surface.

That those who study liberal arts people are some of the smartest people.

That everyone needs to be in some relationships and NOT just DATE casually. I feel like you learn a LOT about yourself and how to interact/deal with/love others through BF/GF relationships – there’s nothing else that can help you “practice” being in a serious relationship except for actually being in one. No, not even family relationships, your BFF since 3rd grade, or your platonic friend of the opposite sex you can always console in.

That you should soak up as much knowledge as you can, as frequently as you can from old people. 


3 thoughts on “I Believe….

  1. more like girls should not be allowed to weigh themselves at all, ahhh! i hate the scale so much. nothing cheers me up on a weekend like a hot pink lipstick and a pair of fabulous heels. every girl should own them and know she can rock them.

    • actually I think I agree with you. I had originally set out to only weigh myself once/week but this week I have been feeling quite comfortable in my skin, so I don’t think I’m going to weigh myself anymore.
      because if i do weigh what i think i do: nothing happens. if i actually weigh heavier than I think i do: my mood goes to shit.
      who cares if i’m not ACTUALLY at the weight i’d like to be, as long as i’m comfortable in my own skin right?!

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