The Worst Period Cramps

This last week has been an absolute drag- thanks to my painful periods. I recently switched sleep meds from mirtazapine to lunesta. Just like wikipedia says, lunesta causes REALLY. PAINFUL. CRAMPS.

On the brighter note? The previous sleep med I was on supposedly causes increase in appetite- no wonder why I had a greater urge to binge eat! If I hadn’t personally experienced these side effects, I would’ve thought that those so called side effects were not “real” and just the opposite of “placebo effect”…I didn’t even realize their side effects until AFTER I’ve been experiencing the symptoms, so it’s definitely not just my brain making things up!

But you win some and you lose some. I’m back to my “happy weight” (ok actually i’m not 100% sure as I haven’t weighed myself recently, but i can finally say Im comfortable in my own skin again) and no longer binge eating…but I am also having the worst cramps of my life.

I’m also slowly making progress on the studying front. I made some motivational posters (so high school-esque) to remind myself of things I tend to forget.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that my markers from about 6 years ago have not dried out one bit!

And because you got to TREAT YOSELF every now and then…..I splurged and got myself my first Chanel nail polish!

Chanel Frisson

One thought on “The Worst Period Cramps

  1. that polish! i’m IN LOVE. it’s so delicate and pretty and gorgeous. also those signs are adorable. love the little road in the 3rd sign. great job encouraging yourself!

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