My New Eating/Exercise Routine

I’ve started a new eating regimen that I’m quite a fan of! it’s a great balance of indulgence +healthy for me.

My Eating routine: having 1 indulgence/day. Be it baked goods, many spoonfuls of PB, or a feast (i.e. big meal of BBQ).

How I determine how much indulgence to have is based on SATISFACTIONThough I try to not have more than 1 indulgence a day, it’s pretty easy to follow because if I have a big BBQ feast, I don’t usually feel like dessert or another heavy meal anyways.

Other than that, I try to make sure I get some protein and some carbs everyday but that’s pretty much it!

I’m quite happy with it, because I think there needs to be a balance between ALLOWING YOURSELF to eat whatever you want/enjoying life vs. NOT getting clogged coronary arteries. 

My exercise routine? It was non-existent before so I’d say doing 20 minutes cardio 3-4x a week is considered good progress for me! I’ve been doing 1-2 mi runs, incline walks, and weighted hula-hooping (but OUCH! the bruises!)

People say that you should make a living out of things you are good at. Well, if I did that, that’d involve a clown show of hula hooping (I can do turns, jumps, hop, squat, or dance while maintaining the hula hooping), sleeping for 17 hrs non-stop, and queefing (sorry TMI, but I get the biggest kick by grossing my BF out with queef noises that sound like farts).


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