Rules To Always Follow

I previously mentioned that I’d been uncomfortable with my body due to a 10-lb weight gain from my binge eating problems…so I set out to STOP SCRUTINIZING myself in the mirror and beating myself up for how I looked.

well, I recently got back to my “happy weight” and slowly lost some of the weight I had gained! probably mostly because I got off the med that was causing me to binge eat.

so for the last 2 days I’ve been staring at my body in the mirror frequently, because I’m like LALALLALAALA I can stare now because I don’t feel fat anymore!

BUT GUESS WHAT. THAT ONLY LASTED 2 DAYS. Pretty quickly I started feeling fat again becauseĀ I SPENT TOO LONG IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR.

That just goes to show how mirror checking is BAD for me! Regardless of what weight I’m at, I’m always going to feel fat if I scrutinize my body too much. I obviously didn’t get fat overnight, so it’s silly for me to think otherwise!

SO, even though I am content with my weight, I’m going to continue on the trend of NOT HARSHLY JUDGING my body in front of the mirror– because, that’d just be the same as actively seeking out unhappiness.


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