i just scheduled my US medical licensing exam! Each test taker must get a testing permit from the National Board of Medical Examiners. I am taking my test literally on the last day possible- my testing permit also expires Nov 30, 2013.

Eeeeeeeeee! I have both mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement….hopefully I will be ready!

Things are finally looking up now though! Before it was ~6-7 hour studying before calling it a day, now it’s 6-7 hours study followed by a 2-3 hr break of eating/nap/light exercise, then back to the books for a few more hours of studying! I’m on a roll and slowly building up my study stamina 😀

I’ll be glad to finally get on with my life and FINALLY BE ABLE TO WORK IN THE CLINIC YAAAAAAA! my first rotation- pediatrics starts 12/30, so I’ll have a month to get errands done (such as the hospital patient records online training, HIPAA training, etc.) plus maybe throw in a mini vacation somewhere in there, hopefully a short hiking trip in Cali 😀


One thought on “Scheduled.

  1. Yay!!! Congratulations! This seems like a really huge step in the right direction. You’re gonna nail it!

    Also, I definitely recommend San Luis Obispo for some gorgeous California hiking trails. It’s about halfway between San Francisco and LA and one of the most beautiful, affordable places that I have ever visited 🙂

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