Playing the game

I am currently formulating my plan of attack for getting into emergency medicine. From what I’ve heard and seen, it is SO important to “play the game” when it comes to residency applications. It is even more important for me to strategize as effectively as possible given my shitty stats.

Besides doing as well as I can during the rest of my 3rd year rotations and making the most strategic 4th year med school schedule, I plan to start buffing my resume by doing some extracurricular activities (which I have done virtually NONE thus far in med school), start expanding/utilizing available resources, seek out mentors/advisors, and build CONNECTIONS.

With that said, all of those resume builders and networking are only icing. Without the good clinical grade for 3rd year aka the cake, it would be a cake without icing. Icing is delicious, but you gotta have the cake with it, you know?

I am starting to discuss with peers who have gone thru the process of residency application and suck up their knowledge/experience in order to come up with my plan of attack. With the new extracurricular activities I plan to throw into my daily routine, there is really no time for f-ing around. I must manage my time to the T, study well and effectively so I can use the leftover “free time” to volunteer/research/etc..

Well, we’ll see how things go having overnight calls every 4 days once I start internal medicine next week…YOWZA!


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