shaming in med school

there’s this terrible culture of shaming in med school that doesn’t make much sense: shaming those who work hard.

people generally get quite annoyed with people who spend a lot of effort in the clinic, such as staying late, looking up the newest research that could benefit your patient, etc….AND IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Shouldn’t this type of behavior be praised instead?

though there is admittedly a fine line between hard working and sucking up, i’m constantly tip toeing around others to work hard but not TOO hard. this AM specifically, i was shat on by my team mates for bringing a few papers showing findings that some chemo drugs cause seizures and other encephalopathies (since my patient had some unexplainable seizure that started worsening within the last yr all the sudden after being seizure free for 15 years). I REALLY WAS GENUINELY CURIOUS about my patient, not trying to impress the attending. but, even IF my motivation was only just to impress the attending, WHY DOES IT MATTER if i’m studying up on my patient and he/she may benefit from it?????

so annoying.

end rant.


3 thoughts on “shaming in med school

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  2. This is so disappointing… As hard as it is, I would say to try and ignore the shaming (I realize that is a big challenge), and keep being you. If patients benefit, that is all that matters. Hold your head high, and continue being your inquisitive, caring self 🙂

    • thank you for the response!
      i would like to brush off the shaming as well, but it’s hard when i’m spending 4 entire weeks, 6 days a week, 12 hour days- sometimes like 28 hours non-stop with the same two people- so it’s really hard to ignore what they think of you…it’s like being back in hs, possibly even worse…i want to do well, but i don’t want to be stuck with people that hate me for 4 ENTIRE WEEKS ALL DAY EERDAY you know? 😦

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