literally the worst people i’ve ever encountered

ughhhhhh so freaking frustrating working in a team sometimes!!!!!!

now, i’m not talking about isolated projects at school or work. i’m talking about having to spend 6 days a week for 4 WEEKS, 12 hours/day usually, sometimes 32 hours nonstop with the same two people. so yea. it can suck big time. most of the time though, it’s not a big deal because i am a pretty easy going person and get along with most people.

…but i cannot even begin to describe how freaking frustrated i am with my current team mates!!!!! let’s call one C and one M.

i knew that our entire med school class hates C. i didn’t know why and felt bad for him so actually went out of my way to be nice to him. But, he is insufferable and now i finally understand where the rest of our class is coming from.

he likes to say things in very condescending ways to make me look stupid EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE DUMB ONE. ex: for a patient case, the first line was “x year old female comes in with muscle weakness, what’s on the differential?”

C goes neisseria gonorrhea. I ask, septic arthritis wouldn’t call muscle weakness would it?  (the answer is no). he then responds in the douschiest way possible: “YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE DIFFERENTIAL HERE.”

at this point, I’m on the verge of slapping him. Not only is he a dousche for saying it in a condescending way, HE ISN’T EVEN RIGHT!! SEPTIC ARTHRITIS DOESN’T CAUSE MUSCLE WEAKNESS. I am perfectly aware that we were talking about the differential diagnosis here, but excuse me C, you are the dumb one so STFU. but, for the record, i was still nice to him and didn’t make a deal out of it.

2nd example. he walks in huffing and puffing so i teasingly say, wow someones out of shape. his response? “how hard you breathe isn’t a function of how out of shape you are, it’s a function of how much lactic acid you make.

he was trying to make me look dumb again, yet what he was saying was something a 2nd grader would know- OF COURSE you’ll be more more out breath WHEN YOU’RE MORE OUT OF SHAPE, WHY DO YOU HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE OF A ROCK? sorry, i am not usually mean, but i am INFURIATED because he said it in such a condescending way when he is stupid, i just can’t….

aside from these 2 perhaps benign examples, he tries to do it in front of our ATTENDING PHYSICIAN AND RESIDENTS. i seriously want to slap the shit out of C. I have been perfectly nice and professional with him, but time after time my patience is tried and he’s pushed me over the edge. from now, no more chit chat and i’m only going to interact with him if need be.

meanwhile, my other team mate M isn’t any better whatsoever. we all have our formal write-up due on fri but we were only informed 2 days beforehand about the due date. yea, that sucks, but of course it still needs to be done, so thurs i was up for 32 hours because I had patients to see as well as the write up to do. well, guess what, THIS FUCKING D-BAG slept for like 6 hours on our call night instead of working on his paper, and then because he didn’t finish his paper, HE WANTED C AND I TO TURN OUR PAPERS IN LATE BECAUSE IF WE TURNED IT IN ON TIME IT WOULD BE “THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS.” WWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF. Who the FUCK DOES THAT?????????? 1Q9832UJ4982U348923748923ª•¶¡™ºª•£ªº™¡38

C and I accommodated for M by turning out papers late this time, but i didn’t stay up all night to work on my paper just to come as a bad student to my attending. we both could’ve finished it, i did so by staying up and M chose not to by sleeping for 6 hours. This is the first time i’ve done this for someone, and i guarantee it will also be the last. if he is immature enough to believe that me turning my paper in ON TIME is to sabotage him? then there’s no point of reasoning with him. I AM turning my paper on time next time, and if he says otherwise? well then for lack of a better phrase, he can go fuck himself.

I can’t decide if that incident with M was worse, or the fact that M is a manipulating and conniving piece of shit. He lied to me and told me everyone on your team in third yr rotations gets the same grade as you, so it doesn’t make sense to try to look good in comparison to your team mates. well, what he told me was NOT TRUE. he was trying to bring me down because i am the only one on our team presenting literature to our superiors- he’s trying to get me to stop looking good in comparison to him so he fucking LIES and make up shit.

…but i guess there are always going to be shitty people like that in the world, and there’s nothing you can do about it. nonetheless, i am baffled how shitty these people are. and sorry for the foul language.

that’s the end of my rant. if you’ve read this far, thanks for listening? reading?


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