What I thought about Ob-Gyn

overall, i actually kind of enjoyed the rotation to my surprise! I kind of like the OR (though I will NEVER go into a surgical specialty in 21039201938 yrs, but that’s a story for another time), so i had a decent time on obgyn . kind of.

the nature of the work

– OB is a lot of fun, generally very fast paced, sometimes shit goes down very quickly. for example, sometimes during labor the woman needs to be RUSHED to the OR to do an emergent c-section.

– Gyn I thought was boring. it was abnormal uterine bleeding ALL DAY EVERY DAY. got boring after awhile.

– as far as the treatment, I thought that was also kind of boring. there wasn’t that much variety. everything on OB is treated by c section for the most part, and everything on gyn is treated by giving oral contraceptives (i.e. really bad period cramps, excessive bleeding, etc.)

– i LOVED seeing the babies though. And of course having the privilege of being involved in one of the most important moments in the family’s lives. my favorite part is always seeing the reaction/expression of the mom and dad.

– i actually really really enjoyed uro-gyn. however, i don’t like uro-gyn enough to endure 4 yrs of obgyn hell just to do that. Plus, urogyn is super competitive, no guarantee i’ll get the fellowship

– i also thought reproductive endocrinology stuff was pretty interesting. once again, don’t like it enough to go thru 4 yrs of obgyn. it’s also a super competitive fellowship

– ob-gyn has a mixture of internal medicine AND surgery. so that may be appealing to some.

– for those who want to do oncology surgery but ALSO want to take care of patients, gyn onc is really your best and only option. people in surgical oncology aren’t very involved in taking care of patients, while oncologists are the opposite- take care of patients but no surgical procedures except maybe spinal taps.



– MAN OH MAN. i was surprised how hard even the ATTENDINGS WORKED! gee whiz, it’s a super shitty deal if you ask me

– gyn lifestyle i think is okay, but ob seems like it sucks pretty hard


the people

– i was not a fan of the people. most ob-gyn folks i encountered were MEAN. and sorry but, it never surprised me which people decided to go into obgyn. a lot of them were people i found rather unpleasant. but key word is a lot. of course there are still some very lovely pleasant ppl who go into obgyn, but IMO they are kind of rare. maybe i just didn’t mesh with them? but i think most people will agree with you that they hated the ppl on obgyn



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