Playing the game

I am currently formulating my plan of attack for getting into emergency medicine. From what I’ve heard and seen, it is SO important to “play the game” when it comes to residency applications. It is even more important for me to strategize as effectively as possible given my shitty stats.

Besides doing as well as I can during the rest of my 3rd year rotations and making the most strategic 4th year med school schedule, I plan to start buffing my resume by doing some extracurricular activities (which I have done virtually NONE thus far in med school), start expanding/utilizing available resources, seek out mentors/advisors, and build CONNECTIONS.

With that said, all of those resume builders and networking are only icing. Without the good clinical grade for 3rd year aka the cake, it would be a cake without icing. Icing is delicious, but you gotta have the cake with it, you know?

I am starting to discuss with peers who have gone thru the process of residency application and suck up their knowledge/experience in order to come up with my plan of attack. With the new extracurricular activities I plan to throw into my daily routine, there is really no time for f-ing around. I must manage my time to the T, study well and effectively so I can use the leftover “free time” to volunteer/research/etc..

Well, we’ll see how things go having overnight calls every 4 days once I start internal medicine next week…YOWZA!


Dealing with the Aftermath of Depression

Having been depressed my first 2 years of med school, I ended up with extremely shitty stats.

how shitty? I’m in the 4th quartile for my class (at a top 20 med school, slightly redeeming?), and I got a 210 on my USMLE step 1 (first boards we take after 2nd year med school) which is equivalent to ~22nd percentile. FML.

I’m TRYING really hard to stay positive. I’ve only had 2 rotations- psychiatry and OB-GYN, so there is still a lot left to be determined.. but I am struggling to maintain optimism when I am absolutely certain I want to do emergency medicine- a rather competitive specialty.

But, what’s done is done. What is in my power is to do as well as I possibly can for my remaining rotations: internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, surgery, and family medicine.

I have to make sure I work my hardest throughout the ENTIRE ROTATION! It is so easy to want to go home STAT when I’ve had a long day in clinic, but I must remember to NOT BE LAZY!!!!!!! EYES ON THE PRIZE.

With that said, I would like to make sure I take adequate time to reflect periodically, that means I will probably try to get back into writing my feelings on here regularly.

but, on to some studying for now…



i just scheduled my US medical licensing exam! Each test taker must get a testing permit from the National Board of Medical Examiners. I am taking my test literally on the last day possible- my testing permit also expires Nov 30, 2013.

Eeeeeeeeee! I have both mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement….hopefully I will be ready!

Things are finally looking up now though! Before it was ~6-7 hour studying before calling it a day, now it’s 6-7 hours study followed by a 2-3 hr break of eating/nap/light exercise, then back to the books for a few more hours of studying! I’m on a roll and slowly building up my study stamina 😀

I’ll be glad to finally get on with my life and FINALLY BE ABLE TO WORK IN THE CLINIC YAAAAAAA! my first rotation- pediatrics starts 12/30, so I’ll have a month to get errands done (such as the hospital patient records online training, HIPAA training, etc.) plus maybe throw in a mini vacation somewhere in there, hopefully a short hiking trip in Cali 😀

Rules To Always Follow

I previously mentioned that I’d been uncomfortable with my body due to a 10-lb weight gain from my binge eating problems…so I set out to STOP SCRUTINIZING myself in the mirror and beating myself up for how I looked.

well, I recently got back to my “happy weight” and slowly lost some of the weight I had gained! probably mostly because I got off the med that was causing me to binge eat.

so for the last 2 days I’ve been staring at my body in the mirror frequently, because I’m like LALALLALAALA I can stare now because I don’t feel fat anymore!

BUT GUESS WHAT. THAT ONLY LASTED 2 DAYS. Pretty quickly I started feeling fat again because I SPENT TOO LONG IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR.

That just goes to show how mirror checking is BAD for me! Regardless of what weight I’m at, I’m always going to feel fat if I scrutinize my body too much. I obviously didn’t get fat overnight, so it’s silly for me to think otherwise!

SO, even though I am content with my weight, I’m going to continue on the trend of NOT HARSHLY JUDGING my body in front of the mirror– because, that’d just be the same as actively seeking out unhappiness.

My New Eating/Exercise Routine

I’ve started a new eating regimen that I’m quite a fan of! it’s a great balance of indulgence +healthy for me.

My Eating routine: having 1 indulgence/day. Be it baked goods, many spoonfuls of PB, or a feast (i.e. big meal of BBQ).

How I determine how much indulgence to have is based on SATISFACTIONThough I try to not have more than 1 indulgence a day, it’s pretty easy to follow because if I have a big BBQ feast, I don’t usually feel like dessert or another heavy meal anyways.

Other than that, I try to make sure I get some protein and some carbs everyday but that’s pretty much it!

I’m quite happy with it, because I think there needs to be a balance between ALLOWING YOURSELF to eat whatever you want/enjoying life vs. NOT getting clogged coronary arteries. 

My exercise routine? It was non-existent before so I’d say doing 20 minutes cardio 3-4x a week is considered good progress for me! I’ve been doing 1-2 mi runs, incline walks, and weighted hula-hooping (but OUCH! the bruises!)

People say that you should make a living out of things you are good at. Well, if I did that, that’d involve a clown show of hula hooping (I can do turns, jumps, hop, squat, or dance while maintaining the hula hooping), sleeping for 17 hrs non-stop, and queefing (sorry TMI, but I get the biggest kick by grossing my BF out with queef noises that sound like farts).

The Worst Period Cramps

This last week has been an absolute drag- thanks to my painful periods. I recently switched sleep meds from mirtazapine to lunesta. Just like wikipedia says, lunesta causes REALLY. PAINFUL. CRAMPS.

On the brighter note? The previous sleep med I was on supposedly causes increase in appetite- no wonder why I had a greater urge to binge eat! If I hadn’t personally experienced these side effects, I would’ve thought that those so called side effects were not “real” and just the opposite of “placebo effect”…I didn’t even realize their side effects until AFTER I’ve been experiencing the symptoms, so it’s definitely not just my brain making things up!

But you win some and you lose some. I’m back to my “happy weight” (ok actually i’m not 100% sure as I haven’t weighed myself recently, but i can finally say Im comfortable in my own skin again) and no longer binge eating…but I am also having the worst cramps of my life.

I’m also slowly making progress on the studying front. I made some motivational posters (so high school-esque) to remind myself of things I tend to forget.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that my markers from about 6 years ago have not dried out one bit!

And because you got to TREAT YOSELF every now and then…..I splurged and got myself my first Chanel nail polish!

Chanel Frisson